• EarthStart Fabric Grow Pots

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    EarthStart Fabric Grow Pots offer a smarter, healthier, and more versatile alternative to traditional plastic or clay gardening containers. Due to the higher aeration from a Grow Pot, plant roots will be able to grow freely throughout the soil instead of circling back inside the pot which is common with a solid container. Also it is practically impossible to overwater a plant due to the extra drainage.

    Sturdy double stitched nylon handles allow the grow bag to be easily transported. Sturdy and durable, it can also be used with hydroponic systems such as overheads, drip irrigation, and flood trays. EarthStart Fabric Grow Pots are both washable and reusable.



    – Allows plant roots to grow freely throughout soil
    – Prevents roots from circling back inside pot
    – Easy drainage helps prevent overwatering
    – Sturdy double stitched nylon handles
    – Easily moved or transported
    – Grow pots are washable and reusable
    – Accelerates plant yields and growth
    – Ventilation keeps plants at ideal temperature
    – Ideal for use with hydroponic systems such as overheads, drip irrigation and   flood tray
    – Fabric Grow Pots help promote healthier plants by allowing roots to Self-Prune