Metalized on both sides and puncture/tear resistant, this reflective material can be used on any surface to maximize light uniformity

  • 2 Mil Thick
  • 48″ Wide
  • 25′ Long, 50′ Long, 100′ Long
  • 100% Light Tight
  • Metalized on both sides
  • Durable – Puncture/Tear Resistant

Earth Start Panda Film (White Black)


  • Brand New
  • 10 Feet X 25 Feet, 10 X 50 Feet, 10 X 100 Feet
  • Black and White Poly (aka Panda Film)
  • White Surface reflects 90% Light
  • Black Surface for light blocking
  • Heavy Duty 6 Mil Thickness
  • Waterproof film discourages algae and mold growth

Infrared (IR) Blocker Film

R Blocker film was originally developed by NASA to protect equipment and astronauts from thermal radiation and also retain heat in the extreme temperature fluctuations of space. Dual layers of highly reflective Mylar are bonded to an inner layer of insulation, helping to prevent conductive heat flow and reduce the readable heat signature by up to 97%. The polyurethane combo construction gives IR Blocker film increased strength and flexibility.

Infra-Red blocking technology is ideal for an indoor grow because it cuts down on both heat and light signatures and helps maximize the efficiency of your grow lights. More focused light in the correct area leads to better yields and prevents wasted energy. Completely line the ceiling and walls of your grow for added insulation and to reduce your visible heat signature.




  • 120 Mil Thick
  • 100% Light Tight
  • Metalized on both sides
  • Durable – Puncture/Tear Resistant